Feby Febiola

In Portraits on February 10, 2010 at 11:30 am

Feby Febiola – Actress, model, Singer, Church Messenger, a wife and a good friend.

I have known her for many years …..Our first meeting was very awkward. Initially, I didn’t even recognize her as the most famous Bintang Lux Model.  It was only after a while, that I started to remember her famous face. I used to stare at her figure at the billboard on top of a bus shelter in front of my apartment.

There you go Sha! Feby Febiola…..

Not only is she a good friend, she also a very caring, thoughtful and humble person. She is beautiful both inside and on the outside.Now if our friendship is like good food. Although we’re not seeing each other a lot but i always find away back to our friendship. Feby Febiola…..a great woman and a great friend.

  1. Saya ingetnya dia pas dulu main sinetron catatan si boy :))
    n posenya di Popular 😀

  2. pitra cepet banget… :))

    hahahaha and yes.. she is beautiful

  3. eh iya, ngeliat kacamata yang dipake sama feby, inget nya langsung ke sita … :))

  4. @suprie
    kamu nico apa supri sih? ayo ngaku!!

    Feby -> cakep :mrgreen:

  5. Ah kamu paling bisa sha…makan lagi yuk!! Hihihihi

  6. alisnya, alisnya, lihat alisnyaaa….bibirnya juga 😀

  7. wuaah…. mood’nya asyik bgt Mbak… ^_^ hehheehee..

  8. Good job sis….., Feby salah satu artis favoritku….., sering lihat fotonya di mana2x…., tapi lewat foto kamu aku bisa ngerasain keberadaannya secara utuh……

    Berharap banget bisa lihat foto2x ini di pameran tunggal kamu…..

  9. feby febiola ini jaya waktu saya masih imut.. 😀

  10. jadi kayak sita gini *eh*

  11. Tatapan matanya tajam eui.

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