Number of One

In poeticpicture on February 14, 2010 at 2:46 am

Single to some does mean being happy. Why does single mean being happy? Here’s what most people don’t understand. You must first look at the definition of the word single. Single simply means one. One is considered a whole number. The number one does not need any other numbers to accompany it. It is complete and whole all by itself.

Model: Tika Banget

  1. tika memang keliatan cantik kalo diblur gini

  2. *ngakak baca komen anto*
    hidup jomblo….

  3. nah ini baru tika banget… 😆

  4. wakakakak *melu ngguyu baca komen anto*

  5. one single command

  6. *tos dengan antobilang*

  7. siap terima perintah, komandan!
    btw, fotonya ok!

  8. Ini yang komen rata rata single semua…”ikutan komen”

  9. hidup jomblo! *eh*

  10. sendirian
    dibayang2i orang yg berpasangan…hihihihi

  11. ih iya, sapiterbang bener tuh! keren ih potografernya!

  12. saya suka fotonya 😀

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