In poeticpicture on December 13, 2010 at 2:43 pm

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According to Pitra formspring (Q and A), yes I may be a celebrity among ordinary computer users, or not but definitely not among the fashionista blogger’s. And he think that he’s not cool, but I may have a different perspective in terms of coolness. I think Pitra is cool. You have to see some of his snapshots…..so fresh and creative!

Check out some of his fresh Idea at  http://www.media-ide.com

  1. Sasha, terima kasih.. *ihiii*
    Boleh minta yang horisontal gak? Untuk ditaruh di about.me/pitra 🙂

    Btw, koreksi aja. Saya bukan pengguna linux, hihi, kayaknya ndak pernah nulis seperti itu di formspring.me

    Oh iya, blog gatewaynya cuma satu sekarang: http://www.media-ide.com.
    Ntar di situ bisa pilih jurusan blog yang diinginkan 🙂

    Thx Jeng Sasha..

    Ditunggu Jagamine berikutnya dengan model yang satu ituh..

  2. Pitra emang keren

  3. kakaknya suprie ya?

  4. Pasti ini kakaknya Suprie! :))

  5. Permisi 😀 numpang lewat… 😀

  6. owh mai goat ….
    ini Pitraaaaaa …..

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