Indah Ariani

In Portraits on February 6, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Writer, Journalist, art lovers and mother

Mother of two children prefer to call her selves as a pedestrian life. Still trying to find time to balance herself by cooking, knitting, meditation and art: writing and reading poetry, playing ketoprak, and helping his friends in the keroncong’s community. I quotes one of her favorite’s writer :

In the corner of her eternal kicthen
a woman was pounding salt in her mortar.
“I will create hope,” she said, “on the black stone.”
Smoke was never brief. Its ceiling was the color of the world
in Jeremiah’s dreams.

She herself mused on fish in an aquarium, swimming,
like lazy balloons unaware of their own painted sign
in the sky. “They are the ones who dreaming,”
the said to herself.


[by Goenawan Mohamad :A Woman Who Was Pounding Salt]


  1. nice portrait mba sasha…lokasinya dimana nih??

  2. kecup muah-muah buat fotografer dan modelnya, hihihi…

  3. sampai sekarang belum kesampaian ketemu mbak indah 🙂

  4. Dia memang unik dan hebat 🙂

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