Lukman Sardi

In Portraits on September 22, 2012 at 12:50 pm

You’ve probably come across him on the silver screen and like me, you probably also admire that stare. A curious look often played out by his characters that may raise our own curiosity about Lukman Sardi in person.

Recently I had the privilege to share a scene on a short film with him, although brief and only one scene…(even more brief if you discount my blooper laughter 🙂 ) i had the chance to see him work in totality.. A work ethic worthy of praise…

Away from the camera Lukman Sardi is humble and full of humor… Never let a dull moment win over a set of tired crew… He always managed to keep everybody entertained with his own funny little acts and word games…

Just in the first 2 hours I understood… what a great actor he is and what a wonderful friend he is to have…

taken with Samsung Smart Camera NX Series


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