Anton Ismael

In Portraits on October 23, 2012 at 6:52 pm

How should I describe him? Anton as the Photographer? The Father? Or The Creative Talent who’s generous enough to let his photo studio become a regular refuge for at least 200 other photographers who are craving for shared ideas. The classes better known as ‘Kelas Pagi’ is given free to whomever are interested…

Kelas Pagi – however, as the name implies. You will have to wake up early to catch it. This naturally filters those who are really passionate about learning and sharing vs the mere followers…I’m privileged enough to have been invited to conduct one of these classes. My class is Friday morning and occasionally I will see Anton sneaks in…

What struck me with Anton is his humility and his courtesy when amongst friends. I wish I see more of these in people…When you do become his friend, I’m sure you will agree that he’s a fun friend to have, a good listener and a forward thinker…

Today I was holding my pocket camera when I passed him working with his editor and when I saw the nearby mannequin; this angle pops in my head. I wanted to show his new hairstyle after his operation.

At first I wanted to tell his photography but then again who wouldn’t know Anton Ismael already. And did you know that Anton Ismael is a certified chef & baker from Jakarta Culinary Centre?

(kelas pagi now expands to Jogja) Follow @kelaspagijkt for further information

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  1. Have identified Mr. Harris for longer than I care to admit, and yes they may be large shoes.
    Very best wishes Mark. Thanks for the nice story Mr.

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